Frequently Asked Questions


What is counselling?

Counselling is a drug free approach to help people deal better with issues in their life that may be affecting their relationships, work, education, health and well-being.


What does counselling involve?

Counselling involves talking about the issues that are affecting your life in a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential environment.


How does a psychologist help?

The psychologist helps by listening to your concerns in a supportive environment and providing you with skills and strategies specific to your concerns.


How to make an appointment?

Call the clinic or the psychologist to ask any questions and discuss whether counselling would benefit you.


Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral to see a psychologist.


Medicare rebates

Medicare rebates may be available. You must have a referral from your GP to obtain a rebate.


How long are sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes in length.


How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you will need will depend on the issue and what other support you have. There is no recommended number of sessions as each person is different. Most people who have counselling attend 3 to 12 sessions per year.


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